The Influential Leader: How To Become a Leader That Influences, Inspires, and Empowers People and Your Team To Take Action...

In this video Blueprint, I will be showing you exactly how to become The Influential Leader without surrounding yourself with clones and confusing activity with productivity. This  step by step guide will show you exactly what you should do to become The Influential Leader.  
Priceless Information in this blueprint:

  • 3 Ways to Become a More Influential Leader
  • 5 Leadership Skills to Help Your Business
  • How to Influence Others to Take Action
  • Why you don't need to become power hungry and seek control instead of giving advice, mentoring and ensuring that the team benefits from you leadership
  • Why you don't need to find yourself spending all of your time trying to put out fires, then you aren't using your time effectively. Proactive leaders have an influence on the future and form the right alliances to advance their causes
  • 5 Must-Have Books to Read to Become a Better Leader
  • How to Speak So Others Will Listen
  • How to Stop Blaming Others and Take Ownership of Your Actions
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is Crucial for Effective Leadership

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

  • Do leaders thinking you know it all

 As a leader you need to always be willing to listen to others and be teachable

  • A Toxic leader

 is a person who has responsibility over a group of people or an organization, and who abuses the leader–follower relationship by leaving the group or organization in a worse condition than when they first found them.

  • Why is toxic leadership bad

Researchers found that a toxic leader’s behavior spreads among the ranks. Under toxic leadership, employees are more likely to become overly critical of one another. … Consequently, employees had less self-control, which made them more likely to be rude to their co-workers

  • What happens when leaders don't listen

Leaders who don’t listen will be eventually surrounded by people who have nothing to say

  • Why are you not charging more for this information?

I strongly believe that a candle does not loose it’s light by lighting others. So, my goal is to make this affordable for as much people as possible, so people can take advantage of this the same way I have and other people I have helped have.


₦8500 (Nigerians) GH₵124 (Ghanians)

Available at this price for a LIMITED TIME

Here are some BONUSES when you take action today!

BONUS #1 Leadership-Influence

  • Leadership Is Action Not Position
  • The Real Costs Of Not Doing Leadership Training
  • How To Unleash All Your Leadership Potential
  • The Difference Between Boss and Leader
  • Myths About Leadership That Need to Stop
  • What Is Leadership Development

BONUS #2 Business Leadership Bible

  • Understanding The Dark Side
  • 10 Ways To Be A Better Leader
  • The Narcissistic Leader
  • Getting The Most From Your Team
  • The Codependent Leader
  • The Passive-Aggressive Leader
  • How To Lead And Influence People
  • Changing Mindsets By Empowering Others

BONUS #2 Leadership Strategies

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team Building
  • Delegation

BONUS #3 Time-Management-For-Entrepreneurs

  • Tools and Apps to Help You Increase Your Productivity and Manage Your Time
  • How Ineffective Time Management Can Hurt Your Business
  • Applying the Pareto Principle to Your Business
  • Understanding Parkinson’s Law and How To Use It To Your Advantage
  • Prioritize Your Projects and Tasks Using the Eisenhower Matrix
  • Improve Your Time Management By Learning to Delegate and Outsource
  • How Building Good Habits Can Improve Your Time Management

BONUS #5 Public Speaking Beginners

  • Identifying your purpose
  • Preparing your speech Now
  • Preparing your visual aids
  • Creating a mock presentation
  • Eliminate stage fright and build your self confidence
  • Incorporating your personality in to your presentation One
  • Extra stuff you need to help you convey a high impact message

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₦8500 (Nigerians) GH₵124 (Ghanians)

Available at this price for a LIMITED TIME

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